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A note on Army Lists

Just a note – While we are free to post Army Lists online, GW will come down like a tonne of bricks anytime they see an infringement. To avoid this, if you are posting army lists, please only post the total points cost of a unit, eg:

Tau Firewarriors x11
Shas’ui w/ Pulse Rifle and Bonding Knife
135 Points

The idea here is that you would need the codex to come to that total. As long as we adhere to this rule, we should have no issues.

What is an Escalation Tournament?

An escalation League or Tournament is a simple way for a group of friends to build armies concurrently, with no pressure.
Starting with a nominated time frame and points value, you play some games. then by the next nominated period, the points value increases, building on the portion of the army you had been playing previously.

Ghosts of Cai-Shen – Round/Phase Order

  • Round 1: Kill Team
  • Round 2: 500 Point Patrol Missions
  • Round 3: 750 Point Cities of Death
  • Round 4: 1000 Point Campaign Map
  • Round 5: 1500 Point Campaign Map
  • Round 6: 2000 Point Campaign Map with Extended FOC. League Victory is now Achievable.

Participant Army Lists/Army Details

Round Two Scoreboard and Final Results!

I realised that we had no way to account for differing amounts of games played between players to come up with an accurate picture of who would win or loose a round. After some deliberation and discussions with Liam, I’ve decided to go with a Wins:Loss Ratio for any scoreboard round to decide on the final winner and last-place-scorer. The final scoreboard looks like this:

  • Liam Collins – 6:0:0
  • Matt Mckechnie-Cook – 3:0:0
  • Adrian Walker – 3:1:0
  • Jerry Xu – 2:10:0
  • Chris Clutton – 1:4:0
  • Monique Deaville – 0:3:0
  • Michael Terry – 2:2:0
  • Wilson Siau – 1:0:0

This translates to a W:L Ratio of:

  • Liam – 6:0
  • Mat – 3:0
  • Adrian – 3:1
  • Wilson – 1:0
  • Michael – 1:1
  • Chris – 1:4
  • Jerry – 1:5
  • Monique – 0:3

As such, the winner of Round 2 is….
Liam’s Dark Knights!
And the wooden spoon goes to….
Monique’s Hive Fleet Charybdis!

The Rewards and Wooden Spoon for Round 2 are:

  • Round 2 Victory (Liam): Guaranteed Bonus Tile ownership on Badlands Continent during main Map Phase of the League.
  • Round 2 Group Game 1 Victory (Liam): Access to Artillery Bombardment as a Heavy Support section, as taken from Imperial Armour 9.
  • Round 2 Group Game 2 Victory (Michael): The ability to confer the Outflank Special Rule to one reserved unit each game
  • Round 2 Wooden Spoon (Monique): a 10% points bonus for the next round.

For details on the Specifics, see the Adventure Log and Items sections. For information on Troops promoted from Extra, See the Characters Page.

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