Ghosts of Cai-Shen

Round 2 - The Aftermath

The badlands had sat undisturbed for centuries.
Now, in the space of but a week, it had seen countless bloody battles.

As the dust settled and the combatants withdrew, only one side was able to hold the only defensible feature – an enormous mesa in the center of the small continent, with a commanding view and even better set up for troop reinforcements, anti-aircraft and artillery bases.

The Dark Knights Space Marine chapter maintained the land now, their erstwhile allies of convenience fleeing the scene.

One of these, the Dark Kin of Cormorragh, once again fled with precious Necron technology. The Power source that had brought the combatants to this sector secured within their holds. What evils they could get up to with this further cache, only time will tell.

Round 2 Prelude

Cai-shen spun lazily in its orbit, its moons continuing their slow dance around the Agri-Planet.

On the smaller northern continent, known as the Deadlands, there is a perfect square or lifeless terrain. From the ground, you would be hard pressed to tell – the plains gives way to the deadlands without comment, it seems almost natural.
Yet from space, something is wrong.

Imperially designated Zone 8-223-Z, it was deemed to be unimportant – or at least untainted by Chaos – and so the Imperials of Cai-Shen continued their lives, ignoring and not visiting this continent.

In space, staring down at this patch of dirt, an old satellite from the planet’s pre-Imperium days opens its myopic eyes. It registers a sudden power spike in the zone.
Dutifully, it turns its Aged and Arthritic transmission arrays towards Home. Its query goes unanswered, so it adjusts. Satisfied with the faint returns, it broadcasts its message.

Many ears receive it. But not the ones it was intended for. They are long dead.

Round One Completed

The Imperial Planet of Cai-Shen continued in its orbit, not knowing or caring of the event on its surface.

Sent by rumours and misinformation, several disparate factions arrived to scout out the planet.

The Tau arrived, seeking rumours of Imperial Tech that would allow their ships a greater range of travel.
The Necrons Came, locked onto the barely murmuring heart of a Tomb-World.
The Dark-Eldar came, probing for more slaves.
The Dark Knights Space Marine Chapter, operating off an Inquisition Tip-off of Heretical Xeno Archeotech hidden on the planet.
The Space Wolves, on a hunch of the Old Wolf Morkai.

Several skirmishes took place, the brave scouting forces clashing over precious data and access codes.

In the end, as all withdrew to count the Costs, the Dark Eldar stood victorious, Disappearing into the Webway with tales of a weak planet, ripe for the picking….

ROUND 1 Final Score:
Michael – 2 wins, 1 Loss, 1 Bye
Adrian – 2 wins, 2 Losses
Chris – 2 wins, 1 Losses, 1 Bye
Liam – 1 win, 2 Losses, 1 Bye

Round 1 rewards will be updated shortly.

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